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The numerous insights and tools I received from our sessions has given me the consciousness and courage to be the creator of my own life whilst lovingly being gentle with myself during this transformational work.


The Woman of Strength process has been one of the most life changing process I’ve had the privilege of taking part in. The sessions appealed to my need for structure as well as restoring a feeling of much deeper connection with myself and others.


It challenged me in all the right ways and the women I got to meet in the process were all inspirational with their honesty, questions and triumphs over personal accomplishments. Our nights were full of laughter and the bonding between us helped to remind me that we are here to help, love and support.

Have you felt the calling?

To stand up, show up and live your truth? Does it also feel like you are being guided to share your unique gifts with the world but you’re not sure how? If you’ve ever felt restless, depressed, unfulfilled, challenged, directionless yet knowing there is more, you are probably experiencing the call (or the squeeze) to step into your uniqueness, your beauty, your heart, your strength and come out from your hiding place.

Let’s do it together

A Master Mind group is a group of like-minded people, coming together every two weeks, with their own goals and desires, committed to support each other in their unique journeys. When women come together, something beautiful and magical shows up. We know how to support and be there for each other. It’s a space where we allow ourselves to be seen, to be vulnerable but also to be inspired to come home to ourselves and then take that centredness back into our relationships, our jobs, our communities, our homes.


It’s more than talking…

I’ve been coaching for 11 years and I know that simply talking about the changes we want to make doesn’t create change. We need to commit, act and do things differently. It’s easier to take the steps and make the changes when we are being held accountable and supported to do it. I know how to coach you into activating your potential, opening your heart and ultimately becoming the Woman of Strength I know you are.


There is more!

My vision is to create a movement of becoming a Woman of Strength. So, once you’ve completed the 8 session- master mind coaching programme, you will be able to facilitate your own Woman of Strength Master Mind group!! (T&C’s apply). 


The amazing women in the group brought so much of themselves; they gave so much love and support; and I left each session feeling inspired and uplifted. My life is richer for having met each and every one of them and I hope we will continue to share many inspiring stories, belly laughs and bear hugs for a long time to come.


It has been beautiful to watch how each and every person in the group evolved over the course of the 8 week journey. Personally I have come out of the experience so much more in touch with who I am as a woman and what I have to offer the world.  I have found my inner strength and a belief in myself and my ability to live an authentic life.


My biggest success for myself was believing in me. Especially with all of the naysayers. To keep going simply because I believe it to be where I was intended to go. 

We are not alone. Each of us have our battles. Encouraging each other and sharing lives and stories make us stronger, together It has been an honour to be part of something so magical.

Through this Master Mind Coaching Programme, you will receive the gifts of:

  • Identify your most burning desire and act on it!

  • Implement changes in an inspiring, moving and touching way

  • Reflect on what is keeping you stuck and let it go

  • Identify your unique genius and unleash that into the world

  • Transform fear as we break through the Terror Barriers that keep us stuck

  • Break the glass ceiling by expanding your self-image

  • Learn the secret to increasing your personal power

  • Take small steps to uncover your most authentic self

  • Activate your heart, your passion, your voice and your strengths

  • Support each other in being real and showing up with love and so much more!


Join a group now!


The Master Mind Groups consists of 8 sessions (+/-3hours each) that will run every two weeks. Since most self-development programmes are done online these days, I wanted to keep it intimate, personable and face to face So, all the sessions will be held in person. 


Sign up now as space is limited!

Every group will be limited to minimum 4 and up to 8 participants only.



Group 1: Monday evenings 18h30 for 19h00 starting on

25 March 2019 hosted by Berdine Bronkhorst (Closed)


Group 2: Friday mornings 9h00 for 9h30 starting on

31 May 2019 hosted by Claire Domnakis



Woman of Strength circle, by its inherent design, creates a space of intentional self-improvement, self-expansion, self-optimization. Such unfoldment also takes place increasingly more productively as a result of placing oneself among others who have come together with same or similar basic vision for themselves. Thus, an alchemy of joint energetic efforts and resonance manifests in greater reality for each participant. Highly recommended.


My biggest learning has been to change the way I think. It was shocking to realise how much of my life I avoid, fear or leave unchanged simply because I don’t believe I deserve any different. Changing the way I think about myself and life, has enabled me to reach for dreams and push past fears. It has changed my world!


Berdine created such a safe and loving environment to explore depths and parts of myself I didn’t know I had hidden and with compassion and support, guided me to harness the power of accepting what is whilst creating what I chose to become.  For any woman who is looking to ignite her inner goddess, her inner strength, her power within and reveal her true self, this workshop is designed for you to explore who you truly are whilst creating the woman you want to be more of.

Invest in yourself!

Price: R2,700 per participant

Payment Plan Options

Option 1:   Payment in full R2,700
Option 2:  Two instalments of R1,400 each
Option 3:  Three instalments of R1,000 each


First installment payable on registration and then by 1st of each mont


The biggest change in my life is acting from heart and pushing past the fear. Don’t get me wrong, my thoughts and fears sometimes still want to overwhelm me, but I only acknowledge them and live my truth regardless of them. It takes a lot of baby steps, but in the end almost 4 months later, I’ve grown in immeasurable ways.


Just being there and receiving confirmation that the day to day struggles we face is in no way unique. I am not alone in my struggles and the support that we as women can give each other is absolutely magical!


For any woman who is looking to ignite her inner goddess, her inner strength, her power within and reveal her true self, this workshop is designed for you to explore who you truly are whilst creating the woman you want to be more of.

“Find a group pf people that challenge and inspire you. Spend a lot of time with them and it will change your life” Amy Poehler


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