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December 13, 2012

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Are you sitting (too) comfortably?

December 12, 2017

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Becoming an irrational woman

October 8, 2012

Becoming an irrational woman


I have experienced the past couple of weeks how people including myself are getting more and more anxious to do what is right for them and not what is right for everyone else BUT them.  


There is a huge difference between our “brain-brain” and our “heart-brain”.  The author Rob Kall said once: “The brain gives the heart its sight. The heart gives the brain its vision.”  He often said that our inner knowing or soul or spirit is centred in our hearts.


So, while the “brain-brain” operates with the laws of duality, and rationality on a scale of two extremes’ - good and bad, right and wrong, our “heart-brain” works with our true desires, our soul’s purpose and our inner knowing.  I have come to believe that our restlessness, anxiety, depression and frustration come from us not listening to this incredible stash of gold inside us. 


We are surely doing the best we can and it is also not as if we are encouraged or taught to think with our hearts.  I can hear some of you already say: “What? Think with my heart? Isn’t that what irrational women do?”  And the answer is no, it isn’t.  


Our subconscious mind has long been described by the Ancient Greeks as the heart-of-hearts.  This part of our mind is also our emotional mind and our feeling mind.  Any plans for bettering ourselves, going for something we want etc. has to be fuelled by the something to carry it over obstacles and through closed doors.  That fuel is called FEELINGS!


We have to FEEL good about what it is we want to create.  We have to get emotionally involved with the new idea we are busy with.  We have to listen to that gut instinct!


Think for a moment back to when you have met someone who made your heart race.  You couldn’t stop thinking of them right?  It was easy to imagine being together.  Well our goals and what we keep ourselves busy with daily have to have the same feelings attached to them in order for them to grow, manifest into existence and carry some kind of meaning.  They need the same enthusiastic attention that we would give a new lover.  We could go through our “brain-brain” be realistic and reason it all out, which is all good and well but the moment we allow our “heart-brains” to get involved; we have the passion, the inspiration and the energy to take the necessary action towards our goals.


Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821 - 1881) a Russian novelist said very wisely: “It is not the brains that matter most, but that which guides them—the character, the heart, generous qualities, progressive ideas.”



There are a few steps to take to get involved with your heart-brain:


1.  Create a space to think

This could be sitting in your favourite chair or a spot in the garden where you feel most at ease and relaxed.  Make time every now and then to go sit in your thinking space with the sole purpose to get in touch with your hearts desires.  You might be surprised to see that your heart holds answers your brain refuses to see.

2.  Create a space to start growing your ideas

When a message from your “heart-brain” finds you, create an activity where you can spend time on stretching and growing that idea.  You could be painting, exercising, working in the garden etc.  This is your time where you then add more details to this idea; make it more desirable, inspiring and touching.

3.  Create a space where you can stretch your ideas

This is where you get like-minded people together to talk about your ideas or you get a coach or mentor to assist you in making the idea much bigger than what you think it can be.  Your coach or mentor could ask you questions that you never thought which could lead to new exciting possibilities opening up.

I have been pleasantly surprised the last couple of weeks to find out what my heart-brain desires.  And I’m always left with the question: Do I want to merely survive and just go through the motions of this life or do I want to live with passion, conviction, purpose, excitement and do what is good for me?  It might be risky and it might be very frightening to take the first step, share with that person how you feel, start that new endeavour, buy that beautiful house, speak your truth etc.  But in the end it will make our souls smile!  And no, you won’t be classified as an irrational woman!  You might just get what you really want!

Go for it!


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