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PSYCH-Kis used to detect and transform the limiting beliefs that we have.

Belief statements play a vital role in bringing about lasting positive change in our lives. Individuals who sign up for PSYCH-K can write their own belief statements or select them from the "7 Categories of Change" or "Aligning your life with the principles of nature"beliefs. PSYCH-K also offers the following important life balances:

Core Belief Balance

Discover an effective way of recognising and changing the core beliefs you may have that stop you from achieving your desired goals. There are thirteen pairs of belief statements that cover basic yet vital issues such as loving yourself, learning to forgive, and making a connection to Divine Intelligence.

This balance is most commonly performed lying down on one's back. There is much muscle testing that is required and the session can take up to 90minutes.

Relationship Balance

PSYCH-K includes a process that is designed to help two people experience a deeper understanding of one another by identifying and working through the issues that challenge them. This process has been found to be very effective with couples, parent/child relationships, friendships and relationships on all levels etc.

Life Bonding Balance

Life Bonding Balance deals with two powerful aspects or times in our lives. These are the trauma of birth and the fear of death. This balance is a highly effective method in PSYCH-K and uses breathing as a means of reprogramming the negative influences that these occurrences may have on our lives.

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