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"This is the first training course (out of many) which has been so positively impacted on our staff!"
G. Horsfield, CEO, Set Point

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Berdine Beckett has qualified in May 2012 as a PSYCH-K Practitioner!

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I embarked on the Thinking into Results training programme in May 2011 and in my first session I was quite apprehensive and somewhat nervous as I did not know what to expect. On my first day, I made myself a promise to keep an open mind and be prepared to take away the valuable lessons taught and to practice them.

From the first session of thinking into results I found the value. I have attended a number of development courses but this one was by far the most beneficial I have attended to date. The lessons are entertaining and although some are ideas I have heard of before I finally seem to fully understand them.

I want to thank you both for being such an amazing part of my life for 6 months and yes beyond! The in vision coaching for Thinking into Results changed so many things for me, I must be completely honest and say that I was very apprehensive when it started but after the 2nd session I got into in with enthusiasm !!!

Berdine Bronkhorst has performed coaching as an external consultant, for Business Connexion since October 2007. She has interacted with some of our more senior management and feedback has always been excellent. She seems to have a special gift when it comes to difficult managers.

The coaching sessions were very beneficial. The questions you asked put my brain in thinking mode and forced me to look at specific situations from a different angle. You made me aware of ideas I never thought of before.

After 36 years doing what I did best, by career came to an end. A friend started up a new business and I was asked to join in, which I did. On the morning of my 1st day, it so happens that the other employees did not join us and it was only me.

1. You help me develop my confident skill. 2. You thought me life skill for that i am greatful. 3. You make me to stand up for myself.

Firstly i'd like to say thank you for the time you spent with each and every one of us, we really appreciate it. You really are a good coach. Berdine you made a change in my life by just being a part of it, people like you are hard to find, hard to keep, and imposable to forget.

I, Margaret Moeletsi, acknowledge that the coaching sessions I had with Berdine for the past six months has had a positive impact on my wellbeing. To start with, Berdine is a wonderful person, she has a bright face and smile that leaves one feeling contended.

This is to certify that the sessions with BERDINE BRONKHORST impacted positively on me in that they made me grow in my work and personal life.

Ek wil jou bedank vir al jou motivering en insette tydens ons 'coaching' sessies. Dit is verbasend hoeveel geleenthede word nie net raak gesien tydens hierdie sessies nie, maar word ook werklikheid deur slegs by jou woord te hou.

Berdine is an excellent professional life coach who has greatly supported me, both in expanding my business, and in my personal growth. She is not only brilliantly masterful at Consciousness Coaching (we are both alumni from the same Consciousness Coaching Academy), but she can also draw upon and play with a wide range of other relevant, high impact tools, such as e.g. EFT, which she can seamlessly blend into the consciousness coaching methodology.

I would like to thank you for your profound coaching methods, you have helped me to discover my true potential and transformed my way of thinking, its great to know you and I enjoyed all my sessions with you.

Stanley gave me my husband back! We have been through a torrid few years and thanks to Stanley's programme, my husband is smiling again and has his enthusiasm back. Good things are happening all the time and the dark cloud has been lifted. Stanley took me for a session on forgiveness, something that I struggled with all my life.

I have just completed Stanley's consciousness coaching program and I must admit that I was quite sceptical in the beginning. My mind and belief system was challenged from the beginning. The course is concentrated on wealth consciousness and how to attract wealth into your life. What I learned was that my thoughts were extremely limited and I did not think and dream big enough.

I have just completed my 10 week wealth creation course with Stanley Beckett. I have to say WOW! What shifts I have experienced in the last 10 weeks. Stanley came into my life when I was at a very low place and he coached me to become a victor in spite of some pretty rough circumstances.

As a result of being coached by Berdine Bronkhost I was equipped with the necessary tools to acknowledge my relationship with food and the result it had on my body and mind. Through committed action and support from my coach I was able to overcome the challenges that came with a shift in thinking and achieve my goals.

Coaching has truly inspired, moved and touched me! With Berdine's guidance not only have I achieved my overall coaching objectives to: pursue a fulfilling career, gain self independence and increase my self-confidence.

I have dabbled in the self improvement movement for over 20 years. Even longer if I consider my first books ( Norman Vincent Peale) when I was a school boy. I must have first looked at Think and Grow Rich 40 years ago. I was an SMI distributor at one stage in the dim and distant past.

Thank you again for helping me put together my DCA, I cannot explain how beautiful, amazing and wonderful it's been receiving confirmation in so many ways that this is what I really must be doing with my life. I will forever be grateful to you and carry you in my heart always.

What a life changing experience the Master Mind Group - Think and Grow Rich !!!! To be with like minded people that communicate on the same level and support each other was a experience of its own and reading the book week after week made me look forward to Thursday evenings.

This course has been a tremendous inspiration - it feels like it's catapulted me into my next level of possibilities. I'm so much clearer on what I want than a couple of months ago. I'm starting to believe that I can get there... which is awesome, for me!

I've wondered for a couple of weeks how to convey the impact and essence of the immense gratitude you feel towards a team who has given you the tools to 're-birth' yourself, the ripple effect it has on your circle of influence, the magnitude of glorious awareness, the range of joyous feelings it releases inside yourself, the empowered facing of the naked self and the final victorious realisation that you have a limitless potential within yourself which is all you will ever need to persevere, to achieve!

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