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Why Coaching?

"Experience has taught us that there are no short cuts to success. Yet there are ways to create the illusion of a short cut - tools and resources that can help you to accelerate your growth, so that you achieve your goals and realise your dreams in far less time than you ever could have on your own. And perhaps the single most effective success accelerator of all is coaching.

A coach helps breathe life and action into your intentions, transforming them into concrete goals and then providing you with the information and motivation you need to turn those goals into reality.

The power of coaching lies in the fact that it provides you with the most critical ingredients for extraordinary, consistent success: on-going support, detailed action plans, constructive feedback and most importantly, personal accountability. When you know that you have to regularly report on the actions you've taken to achieve your goals - to a person who is going to give you unbiased and constructive criticism and unwavering encouragement all the way to the finish line - your commitment, enthusiasm and belief in your abilities increases exponentially. You become an unstoppable force for personal achievement." Bob Proctor

How do I know if I am coachable?

To be coachable, you must ensure that:

  • Your intent to change and desire to change are serious
  • You are ready to work and receive feedback
  • You are willing to try new ways of learning, be truthful, keep to your commitments and inform your coach immediately when things are not working for you
  • You are willing to explore, challenge, and change thoughts, feelings and actions that you recognise are self-defeating
  • You understand that your coach will be focused on you and your best interests, not just your goals
  • You understand that your coach will educate, support and encourage you while you do the work and reap the benefits of your efforts
  • You are willing to give the coach the benefit of the doubt and try new concepts or different ways of doing things
  • You recognise the value and worth you are placing on yourself by investing in your personal development
  • You must ready to have fun, grow and achieve greatness!
Where, when and how?

A coaching program consists of one coaching session per week. Each session usually lasts between 60 - 70 minutes. The first coaching session will usually last about 60 - 90 minutes. A typical coaching cycle lasts a minimum of 10weeks. Coaching can be conducted either over the phone, face to face or over Skype. Phone and Skype coaching eliminates travel time and provides greater flexibility as the client can be coached wherever he is, even overseas.

When is coaching not the answer?

Coaching differs from therapy and psychology. The skills of a therapist is often specialized to their area of therapy, e.g. addictions, abuse, mental illnesses etc.

Coaching does not deal with the following:
  • On-going dependency on class "A" drugs
  • Significant drink problems
  • Where someone has experienced violent or sexual abuse and needs further support to deal with that
  • Where someone is abusing others, sexually or physically
  • Mental illnesses e.g. extreme and violent mood swings, on-going depression etc.

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