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Many organizations have come to realize that they can improve both the performance and motivation of their people through coaching. By improving the performance of the most influential people within the organization, you will be able to improve results at an organizational level.

Themes explored in business coaching sessions are:

  • Transforming anger into passion
  • Self-awareness; awareness of your 'self-talk' and limiting beliefs you have bought into keeping you small, stuck or ineffective
  • Obtaining clarity, focus and personal power to achieve the goals you set out for yourself
  • Integrity, commitment and accountability to create a more powerful performance based on more results with less effort
  • The Ladder of Power™ and how to transform any negative situation or experience into a positive, moving into action and taking responsibility
  • Consciousness Inventory - clearing out that which is dragging you down to allow maximum life energy and passion back into your life
  • Exploring completion as a way of life
  • Challenging your comfort zones with a 20% stretch and choosing IMT'ing goals (inspiring, moving and touching)
  • Time Management - The psychology of time management - understanding how to use our time most effectively.
  • Conflict management - Understanding how to work best with others in order to produce peak performance
  • Context creation - how to reframe any mundane and uninspiring task into an inspiring, moving and touching opportunity to engage with fully and passionately
  • Deciding where to go and with what attitude to get there
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