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InVision Coaching was established in July 2007. Both of its founders, completed their studies through the Consciousness Coaching Academy and received their international coach diplomas as well as their Consciousness CoachingŪ Accreditation.

In September 2008, InVision Coaching CC also partnered up with LifeSuccess Consulting, an international training and coaching institution. LifeSuccess has been in business for 40 years and is established in over 45 countries. They have worked with some of the biggest fortune 500 companies worldwide, and have a proven track record of successfully supporting these companies in achieving outstanding results in all areas.

InVision Coaching CC has a wealth of coaching experience, and work in partnership with some of the leading coaches in the world, including Bob Proctor, the undisputed leader of the self-improvement industry and chairman of the LifeSuccess Corporation. InVision coaches are certified to use Proctor's phenomenal material in helping corporations achieve high performance cultures. We continue to invest heavily in the development of our skills with the best teachers available.

Berdine Beckett is a former attorney who also qualified as an Executive Strengths Coach in 2013 skilled in doing one on one Strengths Coaching as well as moving teams to operate and function optimally, strengths based.

Former clients are Vodacom, Joe Public, BASF, Tate & Lyle etc.

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